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Marketing Strategies: Six Essentials

Tech firms like any other face similar issues when launching a company, so check out six key strategies that can help tech firms win:

1. Provide Research and Analysis

Market research gives insight into how your processes are performing. We help you develop a clearer objective, thorough understanding of which aspects of your firm are performing best, as well as insight into which services you should offer. In the technology services industry: with more data, you can make more effective decisions.

2. Create An Impressive Website

In the past, technology almost sold itself, so start-ups didn’t have to market much – which is why many tech firms have poor websites with poor user experiences. These days, particularly in the technology services industry, your website must be impressive. For clients, it is a direct indicator of your credibility.
Mobile browsing has become so important that Google is making mobile-friendliness a factor in search rankings. For these reasons, you should ensure that your site leverages responsive design to adapt to the form factor of a visitor’s device.

3. Cultivate Expert Strategic Partnerships

By building the profile of professionals within your firm, they can eventually become Expert Strategic Partners, the sort of industry rock stars who headline conferences, attract both business and talent, and come to define a firm because of the “Halo Effect.” When audiences view one of your experts as authoritative, that transfers over to the firm as a whole. It’s a positive feedback loop, and it’s a powerful advantage for technology services firms.

4. Provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Like the technology services marketplace as a whole, SEO is constantly evolving – and it’s crucial to keep up. Yesterday’s best practices might become tomorrows cathastrophe. But in a hypercompetitive environment where visibility is critical, effective use of SEO is mandatory

5. Establish Content Marketing

“Content Funnel” is key for IT services marketing, attracting relevant audiences and working to drive closer and closer engagements that qualify leads and ultimately generate new business. By educating target audiences and addressing their challenges through content, you will build credibility and visibility that will ultimately lead to new business and to growth.

6. Connect to Social Media

It’s an essential channel for not only networking with people in the marketplace and participating in industry conversation, but also sharing your content and driving engagement with your audience.

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